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Round Robins

Booked in two hour timeslots, Round Robins consist of 5 minutes of warm up on court, followed by the remainder of time in gameplay. Players will be assigned new teammate and opponent each match through a posted schedule. Each match to last 15 minutes. Players sign up as individuals. 

DUPR Round Robins

Run in a similar format to regular round robins; players sign up as individuals and are provided a new teamamte and opponent during a schedule of gameplay. In this round robin format, scores are recorded and entered into the DUPR rating platform. This entry will provide players an up to date rating and more compeititve gameplay opportunities. 

Drop In

 A more social way to play. Players attend and organize matches with other drop in players. All levels of play are welcome during Drop In. 

When your game finishes a set to 11, players will leave the court with the next match coming on. Players will then sign up on the registration board. Once a designated match has 4 players on the registration board and a court finishes this match will take the field of play. 

Players are able to sign up on the registration board in colors corresponding to level of play, Green (Beginner), Blue (Intermediate) and Pink (Advanced)


 Players will be ranked onto courts consisting of 4/5 players depending on the total number players registered. Players will be grouped according to the closest skill level of the players in attendance. Courts will then play a round robin amongst the 4 or 5 individuals.  The highest rated players on each court will move up, and the lowest rated players on each court will move down courts for the second round. All matches will be recorded and players rankings will be updated.

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